Folks, the finest handmade celebrity adult film in history is really longer than we anticipated! That’s right, we now have access to the EXTENDED version of the Kim Kardashian sex video, and the additional scenes are as NSFW as they get! In these newly released video with Ray J, Kim’s nasty ways will have you frothing at the mouthโ€ฆ Let’s just say that this sizzling sex video has just gone up a hundred notches in quality!

Kim Kardashians extended sex tape with Ray J

So what made them decide to release this previously unseen film at this particular time? Some individuals believe Kim’s management staff was intentionally delaying their response to us! She and her team were well aware that this would be an excellent strategy to generate attention for her name brand in the future. They were absolutely correct!

We are all aware that the Kim K brand is one of the most well-known in the entertainment world โ€“ is there any name that is as closely associated with sensuality as Kim K? No one can deny that her huge derriere is to die for, and she instantly becomes the focal point of whatever place she enters.

Kim Kardashian Cumshot

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